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Rankings are out!

The rankings through week 5 are here!!

Here are what all the fans of the BLL are talking about:

  • Movement at the 3rd/4th Division. Ninjas move to second over the Reapers.

  • 7th/8th AA division will be a close one as the season ends. Will anyone pull off a victory over the Ninjas?

  • "The Reapers will win every division, I am bringing a broom with me to the championship," -Reapers Coach (Source has revealed he did not want to be identified.

  • Experts picked Dragons to upset the undefeated Ninjas this week in the 7th/8th AA match up.

  • Reapers are still talking about the blown OT call in a game from last week. Sources from within the BLL office are claiming league commissioners might be issuing fines due to sore losing. This would be the first time ever a fine was issued for that.


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